Vector Pop Art Woman with Tape Recorder

Uploaded ON: Tue Jan 09 23:08:02 +1100 2018
Tags: 70s, adult, art, audio, bright, cartoon, cassette, club, comic, concept, dance, dancer, disco, enjoy, female, girl, glamor, hold, lover, makeup, music, party, pop, recorder, retro, sexy, tape, vector, vintage, woman

Colorful Tailoring Elements Composition

Uploaded ON: Fri Nov 24 22:30:35 +1100 2017
Tags: accessory, button, clipper, cloth, colorful, composition, craft, cutting, dress, equipment, fabric, garment, item, machine, man, mannequin, master, material, person, pin, professional, scissor, shop, silk, spool, tailoring, tape, thimble, tool, working

Roll of Wrapping Stretch Film Vector

Uploaded ON: Sat Nov 11 03:22:32 +1100 2017
Tags: adhesive, background, cellophane, circle, clean, coil, environment, equipment, film, flexibility, foil, food, industry, isolated, material, object, packaging, packing, paper, plastic, polymer, polythene, pvc, recycling, roll, rolled, stretch, tape, white, wrap

FBI Agent Character Creation Set

Uploaded ON: Wed Nov 08 06:38:10 +1100 2017
Tags: agent, bullet, bureau, cartoon, character, collection, computer, construction, constructor, design, fbi, federal, flat, illustration, investigation, isolated, law, male, man, people, profession, proof, set, style, sunglasses, tape, uniform, vector, vest, young

Rapper Style Clothing Composition

Uploaded ON: Sat Nov 04 00:54:54 +1100 2017
Tags: accessory, african, american, audio, cap, chain, clothing, culture, fashion, gold, lifestyle, man, microphone, music, musician, object, performer, person, rap, rapper, recitative, recorder, singer, sneakers, sound, speaker, sunglasses, sweatshirt, tape, watch

Colorful Tailoring Infographic Concept

Uploaded ON: Wed Sep 20 13:39:55 +1000 2017
Tags: accessory, button, casual, cloth, colorful, craft, cutting, dress, equipment, fabric, fashion, garment, hanger, machine, mannequin, master, measurement, meter, needle, people, process, professional, scissor, shop, silk, spool, tailoring, tape, thimble, tool